HandiFox™: Mobile Sales Management Software


At HandiFox™, we understand that your inventory management software needs to be just as flexible as your business - that's why we've worked hard to create one of the best mobile sales management systems in the business.

HandiFox™ Sales is a comprehensive tool designed for seamless QuickBooks integration. Companies utilizing QuickBooks as their primary accounting system can easily use HandiFox™ mobile sales app to work with existing QuickBooks data and perform field sales operations from any location - no need to be tethered to an office PC.

HandiFox™ mobile sales management software provides a powerful tool for operators working in the field. With a range of capabilities including sales orders, invoices, sales receipts, credit memos & payments, reviewing and editing customer information, and many more, HandiFox™ Sales is a powerhouse mobile sales management solution. HandiFox™ syncs perfectly with QuickBooks, meaning any information entered in one system automatically shows up in the other.

With access to your QuickBooks inventory and customer records, HandiFox™ allows you to create mobile sales on portable devices with the same level of convenience and confidence as QuickBooks itself. HandiFox™ also comes with a wide range of advantages.

HandiFox™ Sales Management Software Advantages:

  • Quickly create professional, accurate sales orders & invoices
  • E-signatures are easy using a mobile device's touch screen
  • Track payments against invoices and accounts easily, accurately, and automatically
  • Data entry is easy and intuitive with touch screen technology
  • Barcode scanning capabilities make item selection accurate and instantaneous
  • Easily generate sales orders and invoices with customer signatures & wireless printing capabilities
  • Send invoices to customers directly through fax or email
  • Sync mobile sales information with QuickBooks automatically - no matter where you are
  • Save time and cut labor costs by streamlining the sales process

Sales Order Management

With HandiFox™, creating a sales order on a mobile device has never been easier. First, the operator selects the customer using the name lookup field. Once the customer is selected, items and quantities ordered are added by scanning an item barcode or finding it with the search function - it's that easy! Our mobile sales tool also allows you to monitor inventory levels for desired items, and will even show a warning if there is not enough of an item on hand.

QuickBooks generated sales orders are also available on mobile devices for further editing and processing.


You can use sales orders to easily generate invoices. Open orders for any given customer can easily be viewed all in one place, and an invoice can be created using one or several orders. Invoices are also generated automatically after the Picking and Packing procedure is completed for a sales order.

Invoices can be generated manually as well - customer and item selection is again made easy using HandiFox™'s search functions, and item prices, default billing & shipping addresses, terms, and custom notes can all be easily edited through the sales management software. Finally, customers can sign invoices using the mobile device's touch screen - HandiFox™ will automatically store the signature and display it on all printouts of the invoice, making sure you and your customers always have peace of mind.

Sales Receipts

If your business uses sales receipts to document sales operations, HandiFox™ can easily track and manage them. HandiFox™ can pull up a list of customers' sales receipts for review or editing, and creating new receipts with customer signatures is easy using a mobile device's touch screen.


The capability to receive payments at any location is critical for field sales, and HandiFox™ makes this process simple. Payment amounts can be applied to open invoices or left as customer credit, and the Auto-Apply feature enables you to distribute the amount over several invoices with one click. HandiFox™ supports a variety of payment methods and custom notes can be entered to help categorize payments.


Printing with HandiFox™ is easy. Sales orders, sales receipts, invoices, purchase orders, customer statements, sales reports, and more can be easily generated and printed using a Bluetooth enabled printer or a network office printer.

Are you interested in tracking and managing sales process using SaaS inventory app? We have HandiFox Online.

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